The Fight Against Road Rage


Road Rage has gotten completely out of hand recently, endangering the lives of others and putting them in unnecessary harmful life threatening situations is completely unacceptable.  Driving is a privilege and people need to understand that. You must respect the road and the people on it. There needs to be tougher laws to deter such terrible senseless acts like these from occurring, and that is what the sole purpose of the Chelsea Gerrish Law intends to do; to help protect the lives of others and their loved ones.





2014 - Chelsea Gerrish's 21st Birthday Bash Benefit in GA.

Come & join us as we celebrate the life of an angel on what would have been Chelsea's 21st birthday at the Georgia Racing Hall of Fame in Dawsonville.

2014 - Chelsea Gerrish Angel in Heaven Benefit in NJ.

This will be our 1st benefit event in memory of Chelsea, being held in her home state of NJ.

Chelsea's tragic death made national headlines and was featured on Good Morning America, CBS, Inside Edition as well as dozens of newspapers. It was evident that people all over the country were in just as much disbelief as her family was and will continue to be for the rest of heir lives. If it weren't for this 911 call by this couple who also fell victim to this crazed man, there would be no proof, no answers, just another head on collision, and there would be no Chelsea Gerrish Law.